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About Us

Miraku is at the heartbeat of Penang’s ever-growing and evolving Japanese culinary scene. We believe in preserving traditional Japanese techniques while adapting to modern refinements in all aspects of Miraku. 
Motivated by the love for fresh produce, seasonal ingredients to Must-Have Classics like the Blue Fin Tuna are flown in from Japan. To acquire products at their peak quality, this requires a refined touch, thus our Japanese chefs magnify the vibrancy and flavours of our ingredients with ingenuity on a plate. 
We have a lively addition of a sizzling Teppanyaki, but if you’re feeling a little classier, grab a drink and a spot at our classic sushi bar and watch as sushi sculptors carve pieces of mouth-watering cuts from the freshest of fishes! 

  - Established by Texchem Group in 2007 -

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